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Huawei is the world's leading ICT (Information and Communication) infrastructure and smart terminal provider, dedicated to bringing the digital world into everyone, every family, every organization, and building an interconnected smart world. Huawei UPS power supply provides customers with competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services in the fields of communication network, IT, intelligent terminals and cloud services. It is open to cooperate with ecological partners to continuously create value for customers, release personal potential, enrich family life and stimulate organizational innovation. Huawei insists on continuous innovation around customer needs, increases investment in basic research, accumulates rich and develops thin, and promotes world progress. Founded in 1987, Huawei is a private enterprise with 180,000 employees, covering more than 170 countries and regions.

What have we brought to the world?

为客户创造价值。 Together with operators, Huawei has built more than 1,500 networks around the world to help connect more than a third of the world's population. Huawei Power Co-operates with partners to provide open, flexible and secure end-pipe cloud collaboration ICT infrastructure platform for government and public utilities, financial, energy, transportation, manufacturing and other enterprise customers, to promote the digital transformation of the industry, and to provide stable, reliable, secure and sustainable cloud services for cloud service customers. Huawei smart terminals and smart phones are helping people enjoy high-quality digital work, life and entertainment experience.

Promote the sound development of industry. Huawei Power advocates openness, cooperation and win-win situation, cooperates with customers, partners and business partners to innovate, expand industrial value, and form a healthy and benign industrial ecosystem. Huawei has joined more than 360 standard organizations, industry alliances and open source communities, and actively participated in and supported the formulation of mainstream standards and the construction of a win-win ecosystem. We aim at cloud computing, NFV / SDN, 5G and other emerging hot areas, and work with industry partners to promote sustainable and sound development of the industry.

Promote economic growth. Huawei not only brings direct tax contributions to the country, promotes local employment, and forms a driving effect of industrial chain, but also creates a digital engine through innovative ICT solutions, promotes the digital transformation of all walks of life, promotes economic growth and improves people's quality of life and well-being.

Promote the sustainable development of society. As a responsible corporate citizen, Huawei is committed to eliminating the global digital divide. In the southern slope of Everest and the Arctic Circle, in the Ebola epidemic area of West Africa, the nuclear leakage of the Japanese tsunami, the Wenchuan earthquake in China and other major disasters, Huawei has the image of Huawei; to promote green, low-carbon environmental protection concept, from product planning, design, research and development, manufacturing, delivery and transportation and maintenance, Huawei is a visitor. Households provide leading energy-saving and environmental protection products and solutions; Huawei's "seed for the future" project has covered 108 countries and regions, helping to train local ICT talents, promoting knowledge transfer, enhancing people's understanding and interest in ICT industry, and encouraging countries and regions to participate in the construction of digital communities.

Provide a stage for the strugglers. Huawei adheres to the principle of "striver-oriented" and evaluates employees and chooses cadres with responsibility contribution. It provides employees with a platform for global development and opportunities for dialogue with the world. It enables a large number of young people to take on heavy responsibilities and grow rapidly. It also enables hundreds of thousands of employees to reap reasonable returns and life experiences worth remembering through their personal efforts.

What do we insist on?

Huawei Power insists on focusing on the main channel for 30 years and resisting all temptations; insists on not taking shortcuts, rejecting opportunism, being down-to-earth, investing for a long time and making great achievements; insists on customer-centered, striver-oriented, long-term hard struggle and self-criticism.

We will not fail the historic opportunity that the generosity of the times has bestowed on us, and we will never move forward in order to build an interconnected intelligent world.