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Huawei UPS Power Supply Close after-sales Service System

Huawei UPS Power Supply Close after-sales Service System

Huawei UPS Power Supply Company
After-sales service and support:
National Joint Insurance System
Huawei UPS uninterruptible power supply products are guaranteed nationwide in order to enable users to obtain timely and convenient after-sales service. No matter where you buy Huawei UPS power supply, you can apply for service from the customer service department or service station of Huawei Power Company nearest to you and the authorized maintenance distributor who has joined the Joint Insurance Company.

Patrol Service (Fees)
Customer service personnel of Huawei UPS Power Supply Co., Ltd. will inspect and repair the sold UPS according to the service contract agreement, find out the problems and solve them on the spot.

Other services (fees)
Including related product installation and maintenance training, machine cutting, battery replacement and installation, software and hardware upgrade, battery monitoring and other services.

Inspection contents
1. Detection of power supply environment and UPS usage
2. Provide UPS Usage Report
3. On-site Question Answering and User Training
4. Provide suggestions for UPS matching

24-Hour Hour Hotline
Huawei Power Company consults Huawei UPS power supply service, products, technology, business and other issues to facilitate users; users can call Huawei Power Supply Co., Ltd. 400 hotline at any time to solve the relevant problems encountered in the process of UPS purchase, use and maintenance.

National Service Hotline: 400-0800-308

Huawei UPS Power Supply Co., Ltd. can provide special service commitment for specific projects according to the special requirements of industry users. Huawei UPS Power Company Limited's service commitment is based on the terms and conditions published on this website and has the right of final interpretation.






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