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  • Huawei UPS Helps Saudi Arabia's Largest Bank Build Reliable Power Supply
Huawei UPS Helps Saudi Arabia's Largest Bank Build Reliable Power Supply
Huawei UPS Helps Saudi Arabia's Largest Bank Build Reliable Power Supply
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National Commercial Bank (NCB), founded in 1953, is the first licensed bank in Saudi Arabia. Now it has developed into the largest Saudi bank with a total assets of US$100 billion. It has more than 400 branches, employs nearly 10,000 people, and has a net annual profit of US$2 billion.

Customer challenges
After years of development, the rapid growth of NBC business has brought tremendous pressure to bank information construction, and put forward higher requirements for the reliability of power supply infrastructure. Because NBC's existing UPS equipment and site services are expensive, and the supply cycle is long, service response is not timely, NCB Bank decided to replace the uninterruptible power supply system.

In view of the strict requirements of NCB bank on power supply system, Huawei provides a simple, efficient and reliable UPS uninterrupted power supply solution. Huawei UPS2000-G adopts 5kA lightning protection design. Its key components are reliable, self-adapting and up to 4 sets, compatible with rack/tower installation, high efficiency under low load, and has obtained authoritative certification such as Energy Star and ECA. Its batteries can be intelligently managed, adjustable throughput, flexible configuration, and support integrated monitoring.

At the same time, Huawei UPS2000-G supports early failure warning function. The system automatically detects key components, feeds back device status through intelligent management system, and sends out early warning before failure. It achieves the goal of "turning maintenance into maintenance" and effectively reduces the risk of power failure of important financial loads.

Customer returns
In this cooperation, Huawei UPS solution effectively improves the reliability of power supply system in bank outlets, while Huawei UPS2000-G has 95% efficiency and can reduce power loss by 20%. On the premise of high reliability of matching network point power supply system, manual inspection times are reduced by mobile operation and maintenance functions, and operation and maintenance costs are reduced by 30%.






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